Our Story

IMSANDALS is a greek company making handmade leather sandals.

Is led its co-founders Ippokratis, Manos and Stelios.

Stelios is the third generation of a huge greek handmade sandal legacy.

Taught by his parents, he started designing and manufacturing sandals 10 years ago in his family business.

In June of 2020, these 3 friends had a DREAM.

Create stylish and comfy sandals for every occasion, and change your world with it.

In June of 2021,

Iand S


Our Quality

Our mission is to create sandals that will last for years and build long and trustworthy relationships with our customers.

For us, quality always comes first that is why we choose only the finest leather for our sandals.

We are always close to the production paying attention to every detail.

Our promise,

always improve our handcrafted skills and add more style and innovations each year.


Words have power.

They shape our beliefs, drive our behaviours and ultimate create our world.

“I AM”

are two powerful words.

Because what comes after 

“I AM”

will shape your life.

“I AM”

allows you to become what you continuously choose.

No else can say

“I AM”

for you.

These words are for you and only you to declare who you want to be.

You are your own creator.

What you speak, believe and feel will you become.

If you combine

“I AM”

with strong, positive and healthy words then

“I AM”

can become your

Super Power.


Step into your Power!

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